Light of the World (世界的光)

Wrote this song 5 years ago on an Easter Sunday. That was when I started sharing my music publicly online though I was still a pharmacy student, and I realized I really wanted to pursue my music dream. I knew this path would never be easy, so I wrote this to remind myself if I ever get lost on the way, come back to this song and remember what I'm doing this for. 5 years later, here I am, living my dreams. I moved back to Taiwan after graduation, and I've just had my first album debut. God has given me so much and blessed me with so many opportunities, but I just can't help feeling lost. So I come back to this song. May we all find our light and be the light. Grateful to share this song and my music with you. 五年前我寫了這首歌。那陣子剛好開始上傳一些我的原創音樂到網路上。雖然那時只是一個在加拿大讀藥學的學生,我卻發現我越來越想朝著音樂的夢想前進。我一直都知道這條路不容易,所以在那年的復活主日,我寫了這首歌,提醒自己為什麼而奮鬥。 五年後的今天,我是正在活出我的夢想的。 我搬回台灣,終於發了第一張專輯。我知道我擁有的已經很多,但我卻總是忍不住感到迷茫... 於是我回到了這首歌。 願我們都能找到屬於我們的光。 也成為照亮別人的光。

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